OMG I miss you k10!! I used to follow you when you were like really good friends with Jael! I think your URL was swagmastafromdoncasta or was that hers?? I honstly don't remember, but it's such a long time ago!! What have you been up to?? How is life? Tell me! xx

hiii that wasn’t my url that was hers and i’m fine!!! wow that sounds like a long time ago so i was barely starting college then and now i’m almost done that’s so surreal and crazy??? how is ur life

I love my skin!



this is on a level that i cannot reach

this is teen nick sitcom level



niall is the straightest person ever which makes the rumour about him making out with a guy much more entertaining like he was probably whispering to him a discount code for nike socks and his favourite gatorade flavour

delete this nasty ass post and your blog

If you don’t end up smiling while you are kissing someone, you are probably kissing the wrong person.
I wish I learned this before (via lil-plant-princess)


*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable


sometimes you get so close to a person you forget you’re telling them things you’ve never even said out loud before

I just miss you,
in a quite
Vita Sackville-West, Excerpt from a letter to Virginia Woolf  (via synthetic-synaesthesia)
who keeps making Step Up movies and why



the only nude i wanna see from u is ur nude teeth shining through your lips as you smile a great, big smile from a beautiful day filled with happiness <3

yea well i wanna see a tity